Wingman Denim is an Indonesian brand focusing on making jeans with qualities of Industry Standard. We use our selected fabric from many countries like Japan, USA, Thailand, China and of course Indonesia. Equipped with completed range of high quality production machines while also paying attention to details to every product that we make. Our design based on the modern interpretation of classic clothes. As a complementary of Jeans, we also make jackets, chinos, etc. Unlike any other brand, every product that we make proudly made in our own factory in Bandung, West Java.



In the process of creating the best jeans, our factory uses a way of working, production machinery and a mindset like a sustainable industry. Combining modern machines with traditional techniques, resulting in products that are precise but still personal and exclusive. Handled by skilled and experienced workers in the garment sector, we are very confident in the quality of Wingman Denim.



Denim is 90% of the material you buy, thus we will only use the best denim, which is hand-selected. High standards and the desire to provide consumer satisfaction have prompted us to undertake a quest for the best denim to several countries. Wingman Denim products currently use materials from Japan, Thailand, USA and China. We also carry out development for denim made in Indonesia by applying the high standards we have learned.


There are 3 main keys in every Wingman Denim product development.

FIT is about comfort and what message you want to convey through the clothes you wear. Whether a vintage guy, a real denim head, a casual boy, an office worker, everything will be seen from what fit you are wearing.

FABRIC is what will touch your skin, how fades will appear after wear, durability to “torture” that you will give, so we put an extra mind here. “If you are expecting a great fade, start with a great denim”

FINISH is how the product is finished as a whole, the stories we tell, the unique details, and the additional features of each work we produce.