Choosing the right size

  • How do your sizing do compared to another brand?

Since the sizing of any brand might varies, we recommend you to take your true size to any of our product. Please kindly check the size chart for further details. Please expect around 1 cm of differences since every product made by hand.

  • Do I need to size-up for any unsanforized jeans?

You don’t have to size up, since we already size-up the jeans already in sewing process.  The size chart shows the aftersoak measurements.

Taking care of the denim

  • How do I soak the Unsanforized jeans?

There are many ways of soaking, or pre-shrunk the jeans. You can soak them until they’re fully drowned in warm/cold water ( depends on how much you want them to shrink, warm for more shrinkage ) for 30-45 minutes. On another hand you can also put them in washing machine and dry them out in the sun.

  • How long should I keep the raw denim unwashed?

It depends on how you wear them. If you want to make them contrastly fade, you can wear them for maybe more than 6 months before they get their first wash. Otherwise, it’s also okay to wash them anytime you find them stinks or feeling needed to be washed, although the gradation of the colors might be not as contrast as the ones rarely washed.

  • The Indigo is fading out, what happens?

It’s normal since Indigo won’t stay forever with any cotton. They will be faded away as you wear them because of the friction, washing, or anything that rub of the indigo out of the jeans. It is called as fading. Worry not, since they’re fading out according to your body and activities, they will be just more personalized the more you wear it. The creases of the jeans would likely to follow any kind of wearing you do.

  • My knee ripped, my crotch blowout, is it normal?

The cotton of the jeans have its own period of durability to hold any stress made to it. The more stress applied to particular part of the jeans, the more the cotton would be breaking away, moreover if you’re doing heavy duties (since jeans were made for it in the first time). If it happens, you might needed to repair them for longer wear.

  • Would my black jeans fade?

If it’s sulphur dyed then it might be faded. Because any of natural dyed won’t last as long as reactive or chemical dyed fabric.

Any other Services

  • Do you accept hemming?

We give free hemming service for any purchase of the jeans. Just write the length of inseam that you want in notes section when you’re ordering. Please aware that hemmed jeans cannot be returned or exchanged.

  • My jeans have some blowouts, ripped, and any other damage. Do you offer any repair service?

Unfortunately, we currently have no offering of any form of jeans repair in our workshop.

  • Do you provide custom jeans or alteration on wingman denim product?

While we started out as a custom jeans making brand, we just stopped the service since 2017 and be more focused on making ready to wear product.